• DormstonSch Retweeted @DormstonCentre - 20/03/2018Get yourself down to The Centre this half term for some football fun! Head over to Elite Football. Academy facebook page or ask George Bowman for more details! https://t.co/51I74hubbV
  • DormstonSch Retweeted @DormstonCentre - 19/03/2018https://t.co/AlvZR6FhMm
  • DormstonSch Retweeted @DormstonCentre - 19/03/2018Get in touch to book your birthday party! We highly recommend West Midlands Bubble Football party for both... https://t.co/UrxUaMX8dd
  • 5/03/2018The site has been checked this morning and school is open to staff and pupils as normal.
  • 4/03/2018School open to all pupils and staff as usual tomorrow!
  • 1/03/2018Dormston School Decision has been made to close school Friday 2 March to protect safety of students and staff.
  • DormstonSch Retweeted @DormstonCentre - 20/02/2018Just as we are getting over the excitement of The Dormston School's production of 'Chicago', we prepare... https://t.co/MDpzLh5gHj
  • 17/02/2018Congratulations to the amazing cast of Chicago! A complete sell out for tonight’s final show and they didn’t disappoint. Full standing ovation was the least they deserved!


Thank you for taking the time to visit our school's website. Everyone connected to Dormston is very proud of our school. Over the past few years the community has worked tirelessly to create a school where our young people can enjoy and achieve their education. Standards are high and improving year on year.
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