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Welcome to the Year 10 GCSE Strategy homepage.  Year 10 is an incredibly important year as your child begins studying for their GCSEs, starts their option subjects, and prepares for examinations. One of the highlights of Year 10 is the chance for your child to participate in Work Experience. Year 10 also sees an increased focus on preparing for their next steps with careers advice, and applying for colleges or apprenticeships. As such, both pupils and parents may find the opportunities in Year 10 both exciting and challenging and we aim to ensure you receive adequate support throughout the year.

Main Components of the Strategy:

The Year 10 GCSE strategy covers 3 main areas: the Curriculum, Pupils and Parents. 

The CURICULLUM – Our aim is to:

  1. ensure that all subject teachers are preparing their pupils well for their GCSE through a clear mapped out overview of what they are teaching/revising over the year
  2. ensure all pupils have access to suitable exam preparation material to support good progress
  3. ensure a clear revision programme is in place in preparation for end of year exams (pupils are not left to revise without guidance, support and checks)
  4. develop opportunities to extend pupils’ cultural capital

PUPILS – Our aim is to:

  1. support pupils to develop into young adults who are able to leave as good citizens.
  2. ensure pupils see the value of education and how it can support future career plans.
  3. ensure pupils prepare for their learning – study skills and time management.

We run a comprehensive PSHE and CEIAG (Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) programme that covers many topics to support the points above.  Pupil identification and support is ongoing throughout the year. (Please see CEIAG section on website)

PARENTS – Our aim is to

  1. keep parents informed of their child’s progress so they can support their progress
  2. share key information with parents so that parents have a range of strategies which can be used to support their children throughout the year
  3. support individual parents as required

Reports and key information is shared with parents through Go4Schools.  In addition to this there are a series of Parent Information Evenings & a Parents’ Consultation Evening during the year.





Key Dates for Year 10





Tuesday 22.10.19

Parents’ Evening Introduction to Year 10 and GCSEs 6pm Theatre

This is an opportunity for all parents to be kept up to date on study habits that do and don’t work.  At this evening we will also share our expectations in terms of revision and provide examples of what good revision looks like.

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Christmas Holidays

Wednesday 18.03.20

Year 10 Grades & Effort.

These will be released to parents via Go4Schools

Please see Go4Schools

(For log in details please see letter)

w/b 16.03.20

Work Experience Week

Pupils will be out of school attending their work experience placements.

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Easter Holiday

Monday 08.06.20


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Wednesday 08.07.20

Year 10 Grades, Effort & Tutor Report. These will be released to parents via Go4Schools

Please see Go4Schools

(For log in details please see letter)

Thursday 09.07.20

Year 10 Parents’ Consultation Evening

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Revision Sessions

RE GCSE Examinations are sat at the end of Year 10. Revision sessions are held fortnightly on Thursdays of Week 2 for Year 10 pupils.

Toward the end of the academic year, once Year 11 have sat their GCSE examinations, subject teachers will be offering revision sessions for Year 10 pupils.

Some subjects identify pupils by names and we would expect all of these pupils to attend.  At other times the sessions are open to the whole class.  This information is shared with pupils by their class teacher and their form tutor.  If pupils do not attend, parents may be contacted.  If you have any queries please contact the school, alternatively you can email the teacher directly.  


June Mock Examinations

Year 10 pupils will sit a series of mock GCSE examinations in exam fortnight in June. They will be given an exam timetable to help with planning their revision.



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