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Welcome to the Year 9 Strategy homepage. 

Here at Dormston we feel building on the successes of Year 7 and Year 8 is crucial, we recognise the increasing maturity of our students and ensure that the Year 9 curriculum represents a significant step-change in terms of our pupils learning journey, challenge and complexity. As well as this our pupils are expected to start taking a greater ownership of their learning, continue to build on prior knowledge, take greater responsibility and reflect on their own skills and achievements to ensure they are preparing themselves for their upcoming Option Choices, GCSE’s and life post 16.

In Year 9 pupils can expect the following:

  • An increase in subject difficulty;
  • An increase in homework (40 to 50 minutes a night);
  • They must develop and apply critical thinking skills to solve unseen problems.


Main Components of the Strategy:

The Year 9 strategy covers 3 main areas: The Curriculum, Pupils and Parents. 

The CURICULLUM – Our aim is to:

  1. Ensure that all subject teachers are preparing their pupils well for their future examinations through a clear mapped out overview of what they are teaching over the year.
  2. Ensure all pupils have access to subject Knowledge Organisers.
  3. Ensure pupils have the opportunity to extend their learning through the provision of Non-Required Work.

PUPILS – Our aim is to:

  1. Prepare our pupils for their future examinations and GCSE choices.
  2. Ensure pupils prepare and take responsibility of their own learning – study skills and time management.
    1. Ensure pupils see the value of education and how it can support their future career plans.
    2. Identify any pupils who may be struggling with any of the above and provide bespoke intervention to support them.

We run a comprehensive, age appropriate and spiral PSHE programme that covers many topics to support the points above. 

Year 9 PSHE Curriculum Overview:

  • Autumn 1 – Relationships and Sex Education
  • Autumn 2 –  Diversity in Society
  • Spring 1 – Careers and Option Choices
  • Spring 2 – Addictions and Substance Misuse
  • Summer 1 – Democracy
  • Summer 2 –  Democracy & Exam Preparation


PARENTS – Our aim is to

  1. Keep parents informed of their child’s progress so they can support their progress
  2. Share key information with parents so that parents have a range of strategies which can be used to support their children throughout the year
  3. Support individual parents as required

Reports and key information is shared with parents through Go4Schools.  In addition to this there are a series of Parent Information Evenings & a Parents’ Consultation Evening during the year.

Key Dates for Year 9






Year 9 Strategy Launch to Parents

Overview of Year 9, including expectations, PSHE and Careers programme, Literacy and Numeracy overview and key dates. Delivered by Year 9 Strategy leader Mrs Jones.

Copy of presentation


Year 9 Pupil Careers Fair

This is an opportunity for all pupils to meet a range of career pathways to support them when making their future Option Choices.

Guest speakers from a variety of different professions and industries.





Year 9 Data and Effort Scores

Year 9 effort and current grades data collected for each subject. Will be shared with parents via Go4Schools.

See Go4Schools



Careers Week

Subjects across the school will discuss and promote different career options within their discipline.



Year 9 Options Evening

This is an opportunity for all parents & pupils to meet a range of subjects in order to help make informed choices about your child’s next steps and option choices.

Pupil Option Booklet

Copy of presentation


Year 9 Parent Consultation Evening

Pupils are to make appointment with subject teachers to discuss current effort and attainment.

Access to post-16 pathways

Appointment Timetable (Pupil Planner Page --)

WC 15/06/20

Exam Week

Students will sit an end of year exam for each subject in exam conditions. This is an opportunity for all pupils to showcase their progress made from year 8 to year 9 but also to place pupils in appropriate GCSE sets.

Pupil Exam Week Timetable/Study Tips

(Pupil Planner Page 122)


Knowledge Organisers


Year 9/10 Work Experience Launch Evening

This is an opportunity for all parents & pupils to understand what to expect in preparation and during Year 10 Work Experience.

Pupil WEX Booklet

Copy of presentation


Final Year 9 Data and Effort Scores

Year 9 effort and current grades data collected for each subject. Will be shared with parents via Go4Schools.

See Go4Schools


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