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Welcome to the Year 7 Strategy homepage.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Year 7 Strategy. The Year 7 Strategy has been up and successfully running and is now in its 5th Year. It embraces Dormston’s Core Values of Knowledge and achievement though Effort as it teaches there are no boundaries.

There are many initiatives taking place this academic year to enhance your child’s success and embed a passion for learning throughout Secondary School that will aid to a life-long incentive to being both happy and successful.  

At Dormston we focus on getting the basics right. We have a simple philosophy that underpins everything we do. We believe that if pupils, parents and the school work together every child will achieve their full potential. It is for this reason that we fully believe our Year 7 Strategy will work for all involved.

The Year 7 Strategy can be broken down into these categories:  

  • Parents Evenings (to support your child),
  • Special Year 7 Assemblies,
  • And, Inspiration from a Higher Level.
  • Year 7 PSHE and Life Skills lesson.


Parents Evenings, to support your child.

A positive and sound relationship can easily be built when parents and the school have regular contact. It is our belief that by fully supporting your child’s learning throughout the year a relationship will quickly develop between the school and yourselves which will be beneficial to all.

We are therefore hosting Parents Evenings throughout the Year, these include:

  • Welcome to Dormston                                  
  • Supporting your Child in Literacy and Numeracy     
  • Parents of A/A* Pupils                                   
  • Supporting your Child in Exams                     
  • Moving on in Year 8

It is vitally important to us and your child that you attend these evenings, it is our promise that each of these nights will provide you with valuable information to assist your child’s learning throughout school.


Special Year 7 Assemblies

Your child will have a House assembly every week along with numerous Year 7 assemblies. 

As well as these we will have assemblies during the Year, these will include:

  • Olympic Gymnast – Motivation
  • Expectations and Success
  • Inspiration and life after Dormston
  • Aspirations
  • Celebrating Year 7 Success

We will also be holding an Extra – Curricular Fair to allow Year 7 to commit to some of our many Clubs.

Inspiration from a Higher Level

We believe that inspiring young and enquiring minds at an early age will maximise their full potential, and teach them that there is no ceiling to their capabilities.  Events include:

  • Oxford and Cambridge Aspiration Day
  • Trip to a University

Year 7 PSHE and Life Skills lessons:

  • Autumn 1 – Settling in, friendships and Dormston expectations
  • Autumn 2 – Bullying and cyber bullying
  • Spring 1 – Identity – Who do we think we are
  • Spring 2 – Skills and Aspirations
  • Summer 1 – Finance
  • Summer 2 – Exam skills and transferable skills.


You will be informed of every Parents Evening and Consultation by letter and we ask that you to sign it and return as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards


Lisa Brayshaw

Mrs L Brayshaw

Year 7 Coordinator and Strategy Leader

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