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17/07/2020 ALL Parents Return to School September 2020
16/07/2020 Year 10 Update Letter
30/06/2020 Curriculum Briefing 
30/06/2020 Year 6 Transition Update – June 2020

Year 10 Return to School. 

Click here to watch an information video ahead of Year 10 return to school.

16/06/2020 Year 11 Update Letter – 16 June 2020 
16/06/2020 Fortnightly Curriculum Briefing
05/06/2020 Year 10 Return to School Arrangements Letter – 5 June 2020

Wellbeing Advice

How to support your child if they are feeling anxious about Coronavirus

02/06/2020 Year 11 Update Letter

Destination Data and Sharing Consent Form

02/06/2020 Dormston Fortnightly Curriculum Briefing No 4 – 1st June 2020
20/05/2020 Year 7 – 10 Parent Update Letter
13/05/2020  Year 7 – 11 Careers Bulletin - May 2020 

Year 10 Update

An update from Mrs Bassan.


Careers Department Newsletters

Click here for Aspire to Higher Education Newsletter Week 1

Click here for Aspire to Higher Education Newsletter Week 2


Year 10 Careers Update 

Year 10 Careers Update Letter

Year 10 Assembly PowerPoint


Year 11 Update 

Click here for a Year 11 update from Mrs Bassan.



The NSPCC have also created some useful resources aimed at supporting both parents/carers and students on the following topics;

  • Talking to a child worried about coronavirus
  • Parents working from home
  • Children staying home alone
  • Lockdown and separated parents
  • How to cope with tantrums and other difficult behaviour

The advice can be found on the NSPCC website here


Dormston Fortnightly Curriculum Briefing No 2 – 22nd April 2020 

Read through the Curriculum for the next two weeks here


Year 10

Religious studies exam results, what we expect from you now and how your teachers will help.


Year 11

Exam Results and Post 16 Next Steps


An Update from the Year Strategy Leaders

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


A General Update

Trip Re-imbursements, Year 11 Update, Key Workers, Students Working from Home.


COVID-19 Update 19 March 2020

Key Workers

We are still awaiting confirmation from the Government as to exactly who is classed as a key worker but we have already started collating details from our parents who think they may fit into this category.

Please refer to GOV.UK for a full list of key workers once they have been made available.


Year 9 Options Choices

Year 9 students should send an email containing their 3 options choices to

The title of the email should be

'Year 9 Options Choices for (student name)'

The deadline for these Options Choices is Friday 27 March 2020

You can either email a completed form found here or simply list your 3 choices.

Further information can be found here.


Government Closure of Schools

The Government are requesting that schools close to all students from Friday 20 March 2020 but remain open to those whose parents are classed as key workers and to those students who are considered ‘vulnerable’.

We currently have no definitive list from Government as to who is classed as a key worker but we will update you with this as soon as possible. 

Read more on GOV.UK


Partial School Closure Update for Thursday 19 March and Friday 20 March

Thursday 19 March 2020 - Years 11, 10 & 8 to attend as normal. Years 7 & 9 should NOT attend.

Friday 20 March 2020 - Years 11, 10 & 7 to attend as normal. Years 8 & 9 should NOT attend.


Partial School Closure for Years 7 and 8 on 18 March 2020


COVID-19 Update


How to log in to or reset your Go4Schools password should you need to work from home.

16/03/2020 COVID-19 Update
16/03/2020 Year 11 Geography Field Trip 

Headteacher's Letter.

An update from Mr Dixon can be found here. 





Work from Home

Should the school need to close, or should any students be unable to come into school, any classwork for students to do at home can be found  here or on the go4Schools homework page.

How to work from home

Please have a look through the Powerpoints which will help you to guide self study.

Year 7-9     

Year 10       

Year 11

Having trouble logging in to Go4Schools?

Information on how to reset your Go4schools password can be found here.


Reading Lists can be found here for KS3 and KS4 students. An additional suggested reading list can be found here.


Browse the resources from the careers department here. Students can work through these at home.

*Cancelled* YEAR 11 GCSE EVENING Tuesday 17 March 2020 


The Year 11 GCSE Evening due to be held on Tuesday 17 March 2020 has been cancelled.  Information from the evening will be shared here.  

Strategies to support your English revision. 

Strategies to support your Maths revision.

*Cancelled* YEAR 9 OPTIONS EVENING Thursday 19 March 2020 


Please note that the Year 9 GCSE Options Evening due to be held on Thursday 19 March 2020 has been cancelled. Information can be found by clicking here. The Year 9 Options form can be found here.

Please email Curriculum Leaders if you have any questions regarding specific subjects.

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