School Vision - Enjoy and Achieve

Dormston is an inclusive and academic school which prides itself on helping to develop the whole child. Working closely with parents and carers for the benefit of the children who attend our school is at the very core of our philosophy.

We believe that when parents/carers select a secondary school their three biggest concerns are:

  • Will my child be safe?
  • Will my child by happy?
  • Will my child learn well inside and outside the classroom?

It is these core values that drive everything we do at Dormston. Put simply we want every child who attends our school to have happy memories of their time with us and for their life chances to be significantly enhanced as a direct result of being a Dormston pupil. Our young people are as talented and capable as any cohort at any school in the country and it is for this reason that we believe that nothing is impossible or out of reach for them.

As a school we believe that it is by getting the basics right that a child receives a first class education. For us the basics are:

Attendance- Very high levels of attendance are vital if outstanding progress is to be made. Children at Dormston enjoy coming to school and this means that our levels of attendance are significantly higher than the national average. We expect every child to attend school every day.

Behaviour- At the core of our ethos is the belief that every child (and adult) should always try to be the best version of themselves that they can be. We expect good manners and kindness to be shown to everyone connected to our school at all times. We are a school who supports and cares deeply for all our people (young and old alike). We are not afraid to challenge behaviour that we disapprove of. We believe that effort and the amount we put in to everything we do is something that we can all control. For this reason we place a heavy emphasis on effort when we report to parents and carers about how their child is doing at Dormston.

Feeling part of a community is critical to educational philosophy. Our House system helps all pupils to feel responsible for not only themselves but also others. At Dormston we want to help nurture young people who we would all like to live next door in the years to come.

Classroom- Dormston has a broad and balanced curriculum which helps pupils to discover their likes and talents. We believe in a curriculum that promotes social mobility and not one that chases league table points to the detriment of any individual child. Nothing is off limits to Dormston pupils who show a genuine passion and love of learning.

We believe in challenging pupils to achieve better than even their most ardent supporters (parents/carers) believe they are capable of.  We do this through an innovative five year curriculum model and high quality teaching. Both aim to stretch and challenge every pupil and help them to develop the crucial skill of resilience.

Extra-Curricular- We believe that school is about much more than just what happens in the classroom. Extra-curricular activities play a vital role in enhancing a child’s experience and giving them opportunities to enjoy experiences that can be life changing. Our aim is to ensure that every individual pupil takes part.

Environment- We are very fortunate to have a great school site with some wonderful facilities for our pupils to enjoy including a theatre and sporting facilities that are the envy of many schools. Our school is very well cared for. We believe that the environment that our children and staff enjoy has a significant bearing on their attitude to Dormston. We expect everyone who attends to buy into this idea.

Ethos- Our ethos permeates everything we do in school. We want the very best of every child at Dormston irrespective or their starting point or background. Every child is full of potential, we want to help each individual to lead a happy and successful life.

British Values

Dormston School is dedicated to encouraging the core British Values with our pupils. Through a series of displays, PSHE sessions and assemblies, we aim to embed in the students an understanding of and commitment to the values in society that will help them to develop into mature, appreciative, positive citizens.

Individual Liberty

  • Students have key roles and responsibilities in school such as House Leadership, Head Girl/ Head Boy, Anti- Bullying Ambassadors, School Council reps, PLC helpers, Peer mentors, Effort and attendance mentors and Sports Leaders.
  • Within school students are actively encouraged to make choices knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.
  • As a school, we celebrate our heritage through the ‘Where in the World Map?’, Black History Month and our Multicultural Day.
  • As a school we educate young people providing boundaries so that students can make choices safely.
  • Students are given the freedom to express their creativity through the Arts.
  • Through our extra-curricular activities and opportunities, students are given the freedom to make choices.
  • We ensure that everyone feels safe by promoting anti- bullying campaigns and focus on areas such as LGBT issues and racism.
  • We hold events such as Refugee Awareness Week to ensure that all members of society feel welcomed by our pupils.


  • Pupils are involved in democratic processes e.g. voting for councillors and mock elections such as the Year 9 voting campaign.
  • We mirror real life democracy by holding referendums, such as the EU vote.
  • We have a debating club which will allow all pupils to refine their democratic skills.
  • The House Councils allow all pupils to take part in the democratic process, with all items being debated by SLT.
  • GCSE Citizenship follows a module on democracy, with a visit to the Houses of Parliament.
  • Our students are involved with Dudley Youth Council and are standing for Youth Parliament.
  • The whole school votes for Youth Parliament representatives.

Mutual Respect & Acceptance of those of different faiths and beliefs

  • Our Citizenship and PSHE curriculum embodies values of mutual respect and resilience by promoting British Values.
  • Our Humanities curriculum area actively promote attitudes of respect, tolerance, equality and fairness.
  • Our R.E. curriculum provides a broad and balanced education on different faiths, religions and cultures.
  • Our curriculum recognises and celebrates the similarities and differences of those in other countries and cultures.
  • We teach key celebrations such as Easter, Diwali and Chinese New Year through form notices, Black History Month celebrations and consideration for absences due to religious festivals.
  • We take racism very seriously. Any racist action results in severe punishment and bespoke workshops to counter the issue.

The Rule of Law

  • Our school has links with outside agencies including our local School Police Liaison Officer who work with students through assemblies and other events.
  • We have a clearly structured Behaviour Policy which everyone understands and follows.
  • All students are aware of the legal system within the United Kingdom and how this is implemented within society through PSHE sessions.
  • GCSE Citizenship includes a module on the law and includes visits from the Police, a visit to the Crown Court and a trip to the National Galleries of Justice.

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19th July

Staffing Update

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully recruited another Science Teacher; Mrs Pajaj who will be starting with us in September 2019. You can find out more about Mrs Pajaj in our September/October Update Sheet. Mrs Vyse, Science Teacher who joined us in April 2019 will however unfortunately be leaving us in July 2019 due to personal commitments. Dance Teacher, Miss Knight who was with us on a temporary basis will also sadly be leaving us. We will also be saying goodbye to Mr Lee, Head of Maths in July 2019 as he has been promoted to Assistant Principal for Behaviour & Safeguarding at RSA Academy. Mrs Jacques however will be Acting Head of Maths in the interim so worry not, the Maths Department is in safe hands! We will also be saying goodbye to Mrs Baker, Head of MFL and Mrs Windmill, English Teacher in July 2019. They have both worked at Dormston for a number of years and will be sadly missed by staff and pupils. Mrs Baker has been a great teacher and Head of Department and her passion for MFL has inspired so many students over the years; with many of them going on to study MFL at colleges and universities. Mrs Baker is also well known for her creativity and has encouraged countless students to take up arts and crafts. Mrs Windmill is an expert in Shakespeare and has awakened a passion for literature in many past and current students. She has also been heavily involved in all of our school productions, including pushing numerous full size cars onto the stage in Grease and Blues Brothers and also making several children ‘fly’. We would like to thank them both for all their hard work and commitment over the years and wish them well in the next chapter of their lives.