Exam Results

Exam Results 2020

We would like to congratulate the Class of 2020 for all of their hard work and effort.  Some excellent results were achieved in some very difficult circumstances.

While it seems wrong to single out students amongst such a hard working cohort particular mention should go Isobel Eagle and Sanjana Bala who achieved a grade 7 or above in every one of their 11 subjects. Beth O’Hara, Dan Hindle, Saskia Brasier and Alex Malpass all achieved grades 7 or above in at least 9 of their subjects.

Progress 8 measures the progress students have made from the end of primary school compared to pupils of the same ability across the country. Sanjana Bala, Alex Malpass, Roman Simms-Dewijn, Chelsie-Leigh Hickman, Mckenzie White, Megan Knight, Isobel Eagle, Nathan Gaur, Anna MacDonald, Sophie Kimberlin and Georgia Watters all scored on average over 2 grades higher than ‘expected’ in every subject they took. This is a truly amazing achievement.

Progress 8 is the also key indicator of overall school performance. This is calculated based on the performance of students nationally. This year there will be no national figure to compare against but using the national Figure from 2019 our Progress 8 figure is +0.14.