House System

The House System generates a sense of identity which helps students to develop leadership skills, respect, loyalty, responsibility and healthy competition.

On admission, students are allocated to one of the four Houses:

  • Avon
  • Derwent
  • Severn
  • Trent

Each is led by a Head of House, who together with their Deputy Head of House and Tutors, monitor and track effort, standards and behaviour.  Our Houses all have their own distinctive characteristics, yet all of them have the same very high expectations of students.  Our ‘Prepared for Success’ Behaviour System further allows the pastoral team to provide appropriate intervention in place to support this.

Each of our Houses have their own Student Leadership Team led by the Head Boy and Head Girl. They provide a role model for younger students and ensure that all students in the Houses are working towards a common goal; all students aspiring to be the very best that they can be.

At regular times in the year students are awarded points for outstanding effort, outstanding attendance and contribution to extra-curricular activities.  Exceptional student effort is recognised at our annual Awards Evenings when students are awarded ties and certificates for trying to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

There are also Peer Mentors from Years 10 and 11 who work closely with younger students to support and guide them, as well as a Behaviour and Welfare Team, Attendance Officer and Administrators to ensure the school day runs smoothly.

 Our pastoral system ensures that:

  • All children attend school regularly;
  • Behaviour is of the highest possible standard;
  • All children are able to learn in an environment that is calm and respectful;
  • All students respect their environment;
  • All students are able to join in with a vast and varied range of extra-curricular activities;
  • All students aspire to be the very best that they can be.


Message from Mrs Mescam - Head of Avon 

AVON's motto is 'Make it Count' which is always at the very heart of what Mr Amos and I encourage Avon students to do on a daily basis; whether this be to make the most of every lesson or to get involved in extra-curricular activities either inside or outside of school.  Embracing opportunities to become the very best version of themselves through working hard in school or learning a new skill in a club, really means a great deal to the Avon team and as staff we strive to lead by example.

Students are regular fundraisers and have raised thousands of pounds over the past four years. This year, we shall be working together to raise money for a whole school charity. 

Our Student Leadership Team are key in helping to smooth the transition from primary to secondary school or supporting students who have struggles along the way either with homework, organisation or making friends.  AVON students are encouraged to care for others as well as themselves and to always 'Make it Count' so they leave school not only armed with academic qualifications, but with  life experiences and a positive outlook as well as compassion for others.

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Message from Mrs Downie - Head of Derwent

In Derwent House we are always striving to make the next day better than the last. We expect our students to be in school every day and put maximum effort into every lesson.  Any time behaviour falls short of perfect, students can expect to be chased up and procedures put in place to rectify the situation.

We are a successful House - and this is because of the fact that we care. Our new motto of ‘We are more than a ‘House’ we are a ‘Home’ clearly shows how much we care about the safety, progress and happiness of our students.

Derwent prides itself on excellent attendance and behaviour. This is down to the dedication of our students and a commitment to be the best.  Even better than that, what makes our House special is that students are so proud to be part of our team. They wear their badge with pride. Their successes are always celebrated and any issues are always dealt with. Our Student Leadership Team provide extra support for Tutors and offer mentoring for younger students to encourage them to succeed at Dormston. Students are supported by a wonderful Tutor Team, Deputy Head of House, Mr Richardson and Head of House, Mrs Downie. 

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Message from Miss Ward - Head of Severn

Severn House’s ethos is to ‘Work Hard and Never Give Up’, this is the foundation of what Severn has built so that the students can achieve to the best of their ability and reach their utmost potential, embracing every resource that the Leadership Team offer.

This is highlighted through the mentoring scheme that the Leadership Team have embarked on as they sit and discuss issues with the students that have been selected by their Form Tutor. The Leadership Team can help make the transition from Primary School to Dormston easier or they can simply offer the opportunity to be a friendly face around school.

Severn’s motto is that “the future belongs to those who prepare for it today” and this is demonstrated through Miss Ward and Mrs Trotter as they help prepare our pupils for the future by leading through example and our Head Girl and Head Boy are role models for our younger students.

In Severn House, the ideal student is one who tries their best, may not always succeed but learns from their mistakes and diligently keeps trying to become better. When our students leave Secondary school they should aim to have fulfilled their academic goals but also have creative a rich tapestry of memories which they can cherish moving forward.


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Message from Mr Plant - Head of Trent

‘Achievement through Effort’ is the fundamental objective of Trent  House, for students to accomplish academic and personal goals through hard work, determination and commitment. Mrs Brayshaw and I encourage Trent students to strive for the very best, feel proud of their efforts and celebrate in all successes.

On a daily basis Trent students will show kindness and compassion to help and support each other to create a positive ethos and caring community whereby all pupils feel safe to be individual and unique. There are various opportunities for students of all years to take on an active role within the House which give students a sense of responsibility: with our Leadership Team doing a fantastic job steering key events throughout the year, and the Mentoring Team helping Year 7 through a smooth transition, and support students who need a little assistance with homework, organisation and confidence building.

Trent House is always proactive with ideas, exploring new opportunities through initiating extra-curricular projects such as the Triathlon Club, which is very successful.  A variety of creative events organised by students include obstacle courses, a 5k run, sponsored individual challenges and stalls which offer an array of opportunities for money to be raised. With effort being one of the key indicators of achievement and success, Trent students will leave school knowing that they have done their very best, moving on to new and exciting ventures.

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