GCSE Strategy - The Dormston School

GCSE Strategy

The GCSE Strategy is an overarching strand that covers all areas of the school.  Its aim is to ensure we have prepared our pupils in the best way possible so that they achieve their very best at GCSE.  It covers 4 main components:

  1. PUPILS –
    1. Preparing pupils so they are mentally prepared for their GCSE year. 
    2. Ensuring they are able to organise their revision and are supported as and when they struggle. 
    3. Ensuring they are confident for their next steps (College/Apprenticeships/ Traineeships) are and are fully aware how they achieve this.
    1. Ensuring that all subject teachers are preparing their pupils well for their GCSE.
    2. A clear mapped out overview of what they are teaching/revising over the year.
    3. GCSE Strategy Packs to facilitate the revision process.


  3. PARENTS –
    1. Ensuring all parents know how they can best support their children throughout the year.


  4. Identifying and supporting WHOLE SCHOOL TARGET GROUPS.
    1. Ensuring identified target groups receive the necessary additional support so they can overcome any barriers to learning they may have.

GCSE Exams

The written GCSE exams begin on Monday 14.5.18 but there are a number of practical exams prior to this, (please see exam timetable on website).  All pupils should now have their full exam timetable and a booklet outlining the procedures for ‘Public Examinations at Dormston School - Summer 2018’. This booklet should answer any queries you may have.  The reply slip  must be signed and returned to Ms J McGarry. 

Each GCSE exam will be preceded by an additional revision session.  Again, the full schedule of this will be on the website once it is complete.  If you have any further queries about your child’s GCSE examinations please do not hesitate to contact me at ibassan@dormston.dudley.sch.uk.


Page Downloads Date  
Public Examinations at Dormston School 2018 16th Apr 2018 Download
Dormston School GCSE Exam Timetable Summer 2018 16th Apr 2018 Download
Pre Exam Revision Sessions 2018 20th Apr 2018 Download
GCSE Extra Revision Sessions for half term 11th May 2018 Download
Pre Exam Revision Sessions Week 2 and 3 UPDATED 21st May 2018 Download
Pre Exam Revision Session Week 4 25th May 2018 Download