Learning Support

At Dormston School, we value the abilities and achievements of all our pupils and the contribution that every young person can make. We welcome the diversity of culture, individuality and intellectual style that comprises our School.

We are committed to providing each pupil with the best possible environment and opportunities for learning.

The Learning Support department seek to raise the achievement, remove/reduce the barriers to learning and increase all our students' ability to access the curriculum.

Our SEND support staff are dedicated to providing an enthusiastic, motivated and driven environment, where students and adults work together to provide a diverse and supportive atmosphere.

All our young pupils with SEND are valued as equal members of our community and our SEND staff adopt and reinforce the Aims and Objectives of the Dormston SEND Policy/ Information Report.

Our Vision at Dormston is to recognise individual learning needs of all pupils in our school and to support learning in all its forms. We aim for the quality of teaching and learning to be consistently high with extra-curricular opportunities embedded within the curriculum.

Students who have SEND are those for whom individualised educational provision has to be made for a period of time (that which is additional to or different from the educational provision made generally for students of their age).

Our Aims are;

  • To provide children with high quality first teaching through regular training at staff CPD sessions
  • To have high expectations that each child will reach their potential in all aspects of school life
  • To develop independent learners who can transfer these skills to future life
  • To educate pupils with SEND, wherever possible, alongside peers in mainstream classrooms
  • To assess pupil data regularly and provide appropriate support where it is needed. Effective assessment and provision will be secured in partnership with parents/carers, children and external agencies.

    We will achieve this through:

  • Early identification of SEND need/ barrier to learing
  • Monitoring the progress of all pupils
  • Ensuring a whole-school approach to special needs
  • Making appropriate provision to overcome all barriers to learning and ensure pupils with SEND have full access to the National Curriculum
  • Working with parents
  • Working with and in support of outside agencies
  • Creating a school environment where pupils feel safe to voice their opinions of their own needs.


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