The school regards homework as an important part of every student’s educational experience. Pupils in secondary schools which give homework perform better (EEF).

Students follow homework timetables that coincide with their two week timetable. Their homework timetable will be recorded in their Student Planners and is available below.

Homework is also recorded by staff on Go4Schools. This can be accessed online or through the free app. Parents and students can easily see upcoming homework tasks using Go4Schools.

Parents will be informed if homework is not being completed regularly. If this becomes a persistent issue, students may be expected to attend Homework Club in the PLC after school and/or may be issued with a Homework Report by their Deputy Head of House.

A Student Planner is issued at no cost to help improve communications between home and school and to help students to record their homework. Replacement planners will cost £5.00 and are available from Student Reception.


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