Year 9 & 10 Intermediate Maths Challenge Outcome

Posted on: 17/04/2018

Back in February 2018 sets V1 and V2 in Years 9 and 10 sat the Intermediate Maths Challenge. This is a voluntary nationwide secondary school contest sat by some of the best mathematicians of their age in the country.  It incorporates problem solving with mathematical knowledge and logical thinking.  The top 40% of students nationally receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate in the ratio 1:2:3 and each institution receives a Best in School certificate.  This year the following Dormston students received Bronze certificates for their scores: 


Mahmoud Ali 10SY, Callum Hodges 10AX, Aaliyah Mohammed 10DX, Robert Stones 9AY - best in year award, Kirree Tannahill 9DY, Joshua Fellows 9TY and Anita Bart 9TY. Congratulations!


We also had 1 pupil who was awarded a Silver award. Well done Katie Townley 10SX! 


As well as this, every year around 500 of the highest scorers in the Gold award category for each school year across the country are invited to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad papers and we are very proud to announce that Liam Jones was one of those selected pupils. He has now sat this next stage paper and we eagerly await his results. Well done Liam!