Teacher Training

Every member of staff at Dormston School is encouraged to reflect upon his/her own practice, share ideas and improve teaching and learning by working as a professional learning community.

We have established a number of programmes providing continuous professional development opportunities for staff at all levels, for example:

Dormston’s Annual Teaching and Learning Conference sees members of our school community joined by teachers from across the West Midlands and beyond. Dormston’s fourth annual Teaching and Learning Conference, “Teaching and Learning: The Nuts and Bolts”, was held on the 29th November 2019. The keynote speech was delivered by Mark Burns who has developed a proven track record in developing teaching and leadership in education. He’s co-authored three best-selling books in this field; “Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners”, “Teaching Backwards” and “The Learning Imperative”. The feedback on Mark’s speech and the workshops delivered by Mark, colleagues and guest speakers was very positive.

Dormston New Staff Training Programme runs weekly throughout the first term providing whole school issues training for all staff new to Dormston. It ensures consistency and best practice as well as providing staff with an opportunity to network with members of different departments.

Dormston Leadership and Management Programme picks out aspiring middle and senior leaders and gives them the skills needed to move forwards in their careers. We also offer an SLT Shadowing programme for aspiring senior leaders.

Dormston works with local universities to provide Initial Teacher Training. Trainee teachers and our newly qualified colleagues (NQTs) take part in our New Staff Training Programme as well as receiving extra training from the NDLP (North Dudley Learning Partnership).

Our Teacher Journal Club meets several times a year to discuss teaching and learning journals. Previous journals include Hattie’s “Politics of Collaborative

Expertise”, Christodoulou’s “Minding the Knowledge Gap” and Rosenshine’s “Principles of Instruction”.

In addition to these programmes, Dormston provides a comprehensive CPD programme for staff including annual Safeguarding training, literacy training and subject specific network meetings, as well as funding individual external training courses and national professional qualifications.


NATASHA GWINNETT - Assistant Head teacher


LUCY SMITH - ITT Co-ordinator