Year 7 Strategy

The Year 7 Strategy is made up of three strands:

  • Parents Meetings and Consultation Evenings
  • Events for Year 7 pupils
  • Special extended assemblies

Here at Dormston we believe that communication is vital for your child’s success.

As part of the Year 7 Strategy you will be invited to attend a Parents Consultation on separate occasions throughout the academic Year.

These will include:

  • Welcome to Dormston
  • Supporting Your Child in Numeracy and Literacy
  • High Achievers
  • Supporting your child in exams

Each of these parents' consultations is vital for you to attend to ensure that your child meets their full potential throughout their High School education and you understand exactly how we work to educate and bring the best out of your child.

Events for Year 7 pupils

  • An Extra – Curricular Fair for all Year 7 pupils to sign up to clubs that we have on offer here at Dormston
  • A College/University and Careers Fair
  • Oxford and Cambridge Aspiration Day – dispelling myths and teaching our pupils that there is no ceiling for their capabilities.
  • A trip to Cambridge or Oxford University to get a taste for University life
  • A visit from an Olympic Athlete – GB Gymnastics Team – Kristian Thomas

Extended Year 7 Assemblies through the year

  • Our expectations here at Dormston
  • Charity Event – raising money for the British Heart Foundation
  • Motivation Assemblies
  • Inspiration Assemblies – Past successful pupils
  • Celebrating Year 7 success – Moving onto Year 8.


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