The Personal Learning Centre and Library

The Personal Learning Centre & Library (PLC) is managed by Mrs Ellsmore with the invaluable help of a team of trained, dedicated and enthusiastic pupil librarians. We aim to provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment in which pupils are given the space and materials to read, study, research and learn.

When pupils enrol at Dormston they automatically become members of the PLC which offers them the following facilities:

  • 36 computers which are all connected to the school’s network
  • A large selection of fiction books available for all secondary school ages and reading abilities and in a variety of formats which include audio, large print, dyslexia friendly, graphic novels and quick reads
  • A large selection of non-fiction books which support the curriculum
  • Fiction and non-fiction reads to develop pupil’s cultural capital in curriculum subjects
  • A selection of daily newspapers and magazines
  • Careers information

The PLC is popular and well used throughout the school day. Teachers book the facility for lessons and the PLC can be used as one room or can be sectioned off to separate the computer area and library area as necessary. It is designed to meet the needs of each individual child with lift accessibility if required.

This is a lovely facility where pupils can work in a quiet and calm environment and is open for them to work independently:

  • Before school - 8.00am - 8.40am
  • Morning break - 10.45am - 11.00am
  • Lunch - 1.00pm - 1.40pm
  • After school - 3.00pm – 5.00pm 

During these times, the PLC is divided into two separate rooms. Pupils may use the PC's for research and homework in the computer side whilst the library section offers a separate room for pupils to sit and read or do homework peacefully.


We are a school that loves to read. We passionately strive to promote, engage and enthuse pupils to enjoy books and to nurture in them, a lifelong love for reading.

Running throughout the year we provide activities, opportunities, events and celebrations to enjoy, including: author visits, literature trips, Dudley Children’s Books Awards, inter-school book quizzes, competitions, National Reading Day and World Book Day celebrations, book fairs, book and film nights, book reviewing, extra curricular books clubs, (see the book clubs tab for more details), Parent and Pupil Reading Group and a Staff Book Club too.

Pupils and Parents/Carers can view our library catalogue via the link below.

Students are not able to access their own library account from this link but should browse the catalogue and e mail all book requests to Mrs Ellsmore,

If you would like to request a book that is not showing on the catalogue or you would like to recommend or suggest a book for our school library,  please simply e mail with the details.

Students must send e mails from their school e mail account only please.

Students may also request books by completing a paper format BOOK REQUEST slip, which can be obtained from Form Tutors.


Book Clubs


Tuesday Year 7 in A5
Wednesday Year 8 in F1


Monday 3pm - 4pm - Y7 Book Club. A brand new club that starts each September  for Year 7 pupils. 
Tuesday 3pm - 4pm - Y8 Book Club
Wednesday 3pm - 4pm - Y9 Book Club

Each book club is different .

New members are always welcome and may join at any time throughout the school year.

Official Book Awards

Click here for more information on the Official Book Awards

Dudley Children's Book Awards

Dudley Children’s Book Awards 2020 Report

Click here to read the report on the Browns Books for students website

The Dudley Children’s Book Award is designed to encourage young people to read regularly and more widely and to try books they might not usually choose. 

Dudley Borough secondary school librarians work with their pupils by reading and nominating books (which must have been published in the current year and are not a sequel or part of a series) to produce a longlist of books. The librarians from the schools that take part then discuss the choices and decide on a short list of 7 books. The aim is for pupils to read all, or as many of them as they can. Pupils can start taking part from now and have until 4th February 2020 to cast their vote in the PLC for their favourite.

The nominated authors, staff and pupils who have taken part are invited to attend the celebration event, hosted by our school in The Dormston Mill Theatre on the afternoon of Tuesday 11th February 2020. This well respected annual occasion will begin with pupils being able to choose and buy books before settling down to listen to talks and presentations given by the authors. There will be time for question and answers  followed by the much anticipated announcement of the winning book and author. The afternoon will conclude with refreshments, a chance to meet the authors, to have books signed and photographs taken.

Creating lots of excitement for the love of reading and generating fantastic book discussions, this is our very own local book shadowing opportunity that goes from strength to strength each year and we welcome and encourage all our pupils to take part.

To sign up for this year, pupils must simply pop to the PLC and collect their first book.

The shortlist for 2019 is:

  • Eagle Warrior by Gill Lewis - a dyslexia friendly read
  • Anna at War by Helen Peters
  • Can you See Me ? by Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott
  • The Gifted, the Talented and Me by William Sutcliffe
  • The Dog Who Saved The World by Ross Welford
  • Unstoppable by Dan Freedman
  • Pog by Padraig Kenny


Dudley Children’s Book Awards 2020 Report


Book and Reading Sites

Please remember that books you find on these sites can be borrowed from our Personal Learning Centre & Library
Particularly helpful information on the ‘browse by age’ tab
Brilliant for finding the order of books in a series
Excellent site for books for dyslexic and reluctant readers

World book day

Reading Lists

Literature/ Book/ Poetry Festivals

Public Libraries

Summer Reading Challenge


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