There is currently one full-time dance specialist within the department. Some lower school lessons are shared with dance trained members of the Physical Education department.

Above all else, the dance department aims to help pupils of all abilities to make the most of their potential by developing aesthetic awareness, building self-esteem and self-expression, encouraging collaborative and cooperative working methods as well as  fostering creativity.


Our KS3 curriculum covers a range of dance styles and genres. Pupils receive a dance lesson once a fortnight where they study the technical skills of performance, choreography and appreciation.

Termly assessment in one of the three components across KS3 allows staff to track and monitor pupil attainment in each area.


We study GCSE dance according to the AQA syllabus.  The course focuses upon two components:

Component 1 – Performance and choreography

  • Set phrases through a solo performance
  • Duet/trio performance
  • Solo or group choreography- 60%

Component 2 – Dance Appreciation.

  • 1 ½ hour written examination. Questions are based on pupils' own practice in performance and choreography and the GCSE Dance anthology- 40%


  • Year 7 theatre trip
  • Year 9 Birmingham Royal Ballet opportunity.
  • Year 11 experience of working alongside a professional artist.