History at Dormston is taught by 4 members of specialist staff:

Miss Smith - (Head of History)

Mrs Gwinnett - (Assistant Head Teacher)

Mrs Downie - (Deputy Head of Derwent House)

Miss Barrett - (Extra-Curricular Co-ordinator)

Mr Hayward - Teacher of History (TeachFirst)

We are all specialists in teaching History and are eager to share our knowledge and love of the subject with our pupils.


The programme of study and assessment at KS3 is as follows

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

1) Norman Conquest – knowledge

Historic Environment

1) Life in Tudor & Stuart England – knowledge and sources

Historic Environment

1) British Empire and Slave Trade – knowledge, source analysis and interpretation

Historic Environment
2) King John – knowledge and interpretation 2) Civil War – knowledge, source analysis and interpretation 2) Political Change – knowledge, source analysis and interpretation
3) Wars of the Roses – Knowledge and interpretation 3) Industrial revolution – knowledge, source analysis and interpretation

3) GCSE Conflict & Tension 1894-1918

knowledge, source analysis and interpretation



Pupils will study the AQA course, comprising of four modules over years 10 and 11. These are-

Germany 1890- 1945: Democracy and Dictatorship

Conflict and Tension 1894- 1918

Britain: Power and the People

Elizabethan England 1568- 1603

Students will sit 2 exam papers, lasting 1 hour 45 minutes each and will be examined on source skills and knowledge, with a range of historical skills being tested such as significance, cause and consequence, explanation and description.

Students will receive 5 hours of History lessons over the two week timetable during KS4 and be expected to complete homework and revision classes outside of these hours.

Last year’s GCSE results in History were the best in 15 years at Dormston, with all classes gaining a positive value added score. History continues to be one of the favourite options at GCSE as it opens so many doors for future study and careers.


In History during KS3 we offer exciting trips as part of the Activity Week programme- with visits to Warwick Castle and the Dungeons and also an experience of the past at Blists Hill Museum. With our KS4 students, trips to battle sites of WW1 and concentration camps from WW2 have been taken. Every year our gifted and talented historians from year 9 are invited to a Holocaust Memorial Service at Dudley College.